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Think before you drink: the cost of an alcohol lock

Since 01.07.2018, judges have been obliged to impose an alcohol lock on drivers who are convicted of alcohol intoxication of at least 1.8 percent (or 0.78 mg / l UAL) and on repeat offenders who have been sentenced to twice within 3 years for alcohol intoxication of at least 1.2 promille (or 0.52 mg / l UAL).

For drunkenness and lighter alcohol intoxication (in particular 0.8 - 1.77 promille or 0.35 - 0.77 mg / l UAL), judges can impose an alcohol lock.

In case of intoxication, judges always had the free choice to impose an alcohol interlock, but in practice this possibility was only used sporadically.

According to the legislator, an alcohol interlock has a positive impact on road safety where convicted persons can live their social and professional lives.

The question is: at what cost?

The price tag for an alcohol lock - imposed for a period of 1 to 3 years or for life - is on average € 4,250 for 1 year, for 2 years on average € 6,250, for 3 years on average € 8,255 and a lifelong alcohol lock costs you € 984.41 per year in addition to the one-time purchase price of € 2,546.

However, the person concerned can request the court to reduce the fine in whole or in part with this fine. costs, of which he has to send the proof of payment to the FPS FINANCE.

In addition, the person concerned can also ask the court not to impose an alcohol lock for certain vehicle categories (except those with which the offense was committed).

Finally, the convicted person also has some free choice of whether or not to install the imposed alcohol interlock. If he does not install it, he must sit out for the duration of the actual driving ban and must therefore leave his motor vehicle for 1 to 3 years or for life as a result.

The legislator has thus envisaged safer traffic, which in the end, the result was again inequality between rich and poor.

Our advice: think before you drink, but remember that there are a number of modalities about whether or not to impose an alcohol lock.