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Data security tips for independent entrepreneurs and businesses

In the context of the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation, abbreviated GDPR, independent entrepreneurs and companies must take the necessary measures to ensure that the processing of personal data takes place in a structured, documented and secure manner.

Below are a few points of attention to provide for efficient data security.

1. Set up an internal privacy / security policy:

a so-called "data protection policy", including a clear step-by-step plan for data breaches and inspection requests, organize an annual "disaster" exercise and update your policy document. Alis Advocaten advises you on drawing up the data protection policy, as well as on editing. of a privacy or cookie policy and the composition of your processing register

2. Consistently manage your “administrator” rights:

limit the number of administrators, limit access rights where possible.

3. Ensure timely and smart backups:

save backups outside the network on a daily basis, think of cloud solutions for example, ensure that a smooth restore is possible set a retention period in and respect this.

4. Make use of two-factor authentication (2FA):

only allow users access after they prove their identity in two different ways.

5. Encrypt your data:

transform your data into an incomprehensible series of characters that is unusable for third parties; we could work together with your network administrator for this.