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114 million euros in GDPR fines

According to law firm DLA Piper, fines of EUR 114 million have been imposed across Europe since the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for misuse of personal data or for lack of protection.

In the list of "strict" countries we find France, Germany , Austria and Italy. Belgium is not yet playing a part in the prizes and in Ireland, where many large technology companies are located, it remains remarkably quiet for the time being.

The Belgian Data Protection Authority (DPA) recently made the press condemning a website on which visitors could not explicitly approve to collect cookies that are not strictly necessary for technical reasons.

Chances are that more fines are to follow, because a (very) large majority of websites in our country do not comply with the new legislation.

Many websites give a small cookie screen in which all options are checked, but can be unchecked (opt-out), while the European privacy principle stipulates that no data may be shared, unless indicated otherwise (opt-in).

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